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The El Gallo Experience in a Nutshell.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA

At El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge:

We want to be known for one thing, offering a top of the line fly fishing experience in a beautiful part of the world that we think offers some great experiences. But, we also know that we are not the right fit for every mindset and budget, plus, we’ll be booked up soon, and we don’t want to shut anyone out of the amazing experience that awaits in Baja California Mexico! WIth that in mind, we thought we’d take a few minutes to share some of what we feel are the best fly fishing experiences in our region at every price point. 

First off, let’s talk DIY 

If you don’t have, or don’t want to spend upwards of three grand on your stay and you still want a crack at catching a big damn roosterfish! Well, who could blame you? In fact, our founder, Donnie, has done it this way himself and here’s what he told us to share about the experience. 

Check out local vacation rentals and boarding houses. 

Clean beds can be had for well under $100 a night. We’ve seen them as low as $30, book in advance online. 

Spend your fishing time on the beach for free

While you won’t have much of a shot at the big Roosters, there are plenty of great catches to be had, right from the surf. (we’ve included a primer in our DIY post, check it out) 

Local food is great. 

You’ll be fending for yourself when it comes to eating, but there are plenty of local eateries that provide excellent fare for not a lot of money. 

If you can afford it, take at least one day out on the water

For this, we can help out. Our captains do hire out, and we offer a day rate to get you on a boat with one of the best and a good shot at catching one of the Rooster Fish El Gallo is known for. 

There’s  a lot more to be said on this option, in fact, we’ve written an entire post on it, check it out here. 

Next up, bargain professional excursions

For about 30% less than you can bunk with us at El Gallo, you can visit. (NAME of CHEAPEST PROVIDER) For around $3000 you can have a nice week, in a clean hotel, and get out on the water every day with a good chance of catching fish. 

This operation has been in the (REGION) for a long time and they operate a safe, friendly business that provides guests with the experience you pay for. Here’s what you get. 

  • Nice, not fancy hotel room. 
  • A grill for cooking your meals. 
  • Self serve on most amenities. 
  • Captains that operate and maintain their own boats (mechanical issues are not unheard of) 
  • Captains purchase their own bait, meaning shorter fishing times while bait is procured
  • Self service travel to any other destination, either on foot, or hired car
  • Self service local entertainment, including the bar at Tres Suenos, but not much else. 
  • Hotel does have a pool. 
  • No restaurant on premises. 
  • Captains hired by the day, frequently competing on rates. May not be the best

Don’t get us wrong. This is a very popular destination, and if you’re travelling on a budget, but can spend a bit, this may be the right option for you. 


Our closest “competition” 

While no one is running an exclusive, small excursion, private lodge in the La Ventana region except El Gallo, there are other professional operators here who’ve been in business much longer and provide an excellent service for those who just want the experience, but aren’t ready for the price. 


We recommend Grande Suenos in Northwest Bay. For about $200 to $300 a night, you get a nice hotel suite on beautiful grounds, with a nice pool, and a central restaurant that serves really good food. We can’t say anything bad about them. They do a great job at being what they are. 


Here’s Donnie again on Grande Suenos, “Whenever I go someplace like that, the type of experience that I want, is a little bit more private. I would rather go rent a VRBO two bedroom one bedroom and be by myself, not even on the beach. Versus being you know, there and in merchants bay or Corliss Lithuania’s Bahia Illa suenos, with hundreds of other guests, getting bussed to the dock with forty other fly fishers, and divided up among whatever captains are working that day. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but not what I look for.” 


For about 15% less than El Gallo, here’s what you’ll get. 


  • A beautiful, private hotel suite with full bath. 
  • Nice grounds with great views. 
  • A really nice public pool. (Donnie said 11pm was the only time he could get in it alone) 
  • A beautiful restaurant that is a long walk, and a breakfast buffet with 40 other anglers.
  • Transport to and from the dock
  • A spot on a boat, with a captain 
  • Several hours of fishing, including 45 minutes to an hour to stock up on bait before fishing
  • Simple box lunch. 
  • Back to the hotel to sit by the pool, read, nap, or visit the hotel bar. 

Now, for many of you, this sounds like paradise, and it can be yours. We don’t fault anyone for choosing this option, it’s a nice trip. There’s a reason they stay full. Here are some other considerations. 


You will need to provide

  • Your own fare between the hotel and the airport
  • Transport for any additional excursions, exploring, or shopping in surrounding areas
  • Any additional food, or beverages you want
  • The cost of any additional excursions will be on you
  • Transport to local beaches for more fishing in the afternoon/evenning

All of this adds up quick, making this is a great bargain for those only interested in fishing and sleeping. 

Let’s talk El Gallo lodge experience

Like we said, not everyone will find El Gallo fits their taste, or budget. If you have more than sixteen guests (double accommodations, typically for couples, fathers/sons) or are on a tight budget, the other options in La Ventana are great. 

But to really make a fair comparison, we thought we’d run down what we provide that you might not get with the other options. 


We have two private, mountaintop villas. They are situated next door to each other, each with four private bed and bath suites with King sized beds. We also provide at no extra cost: 

  • Private dining on premises for you and your party for breakfast and dinner
  • Two private saltwater pools, with hot tubs
  • Staff operated side by side ATV
  • Shuttles to shopping, beach, etc
  • Sailing excursions to a local island National Park
  • Private beaches not accessible to other visitors
  • A mountaintop view of Los Muertas bay and the La Ventana region


When it comes to our fishing experience, we aim to set the bar for the “new normal” in fly fishing excursions, taking our cue from other world class lodges, we’re the first to provide what we do in La Ventana. 

  • Dedicated captains paid by us year round. 
  • Lodge maintained boats with regular maintenance and upkeep
  • A gear locker for those who need to borrow rods, and other gear
  • Delicious, freshly prepared lunches and beverages on board the boat
  • A dedicated tender boat that supplies El Gallo boats with additional bait, food and other necessities, keeping you on the water fishing
  • Exclusive access to the best captains in La Ventana, no hoping you get a good one today
  • Private shuttle transport for you and party to the dock, and back just a few minutes each afternoon to the lodge

End to end service. 

Once you’ve arrived at the LaPaz airport, we will be at your service, from picking you up in our air conditioned shuttle vans, to delivering you back on your departure date. El Gallo will provide everything you need. 

Our staff are specifically tasked with communicating with the guests to make adjustments in your experience, and provide whatever we have available with given notice. You won’t need to make arrangements for anything outside of the El Gallo staff, unless you choose to. 

Our goal is to make your stay comfortable, private, and relaxing, and to give you the best possible fly fishing experience in our region of the Sea of Cortez. 

So, while we cordially invite and encourage you to try out the competition, we think it’s clear that for experience, and value, El Gallo is the clear choice for those looking for a quality fly fishing excursion for Roosterfish in the La Ventana region. 


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(Airfare, License, and Gratuities not included)