Seasons At ElGallo


When we talk about Summer at El Gallo, we’re talking about May, June and July. These three months are by far superior Grande Roosterfish hunting season, and this is when you’re most likely to catch them on the fly. While the roosterfish is a year round resident in the area, as the water heats up in the late spring and early summer, so does the fishing. 

Remember to always think warmer when preparing for a trip to El Gallo, as every time of year here is dry and hot, even in the “rainy” season. But hauling in a “Grande Pesca Gallo” on a hot day of fishing makes it all worth it in my book, and we’re sure you’ll agree. After a few hours of fighting roosters in the Sea of Cortez, even the most avid Anglers return tired but satisfied to our well appointed home base, to rest up for the next day’s battle.

Catches to expect


This is a beautiful time to experience the great outdoors in Baja California, temperatures are nice and the water is beginning to warm. In early spring, the changing seasons bring windy conditions, so be aware of that from February through April. For those souls willing to brave a little bluster, there are some great fights to pick with the local fish and we think you’ll be glad you came.

Catches to expect


If you’re coming for the weather, we recommend you visit Baja California in October and November. As North America begins to cool, following a long hot summer, the desert gets about as comfortable as it can. Temperatures here will range into the high eighties, making it nice, but warm, under the bright desert sun. 

This is when those fish who prefer the warmer waters south of us are heading home on their annual migration, and occasionally stop by to put up a good fight before their winter rest. We recommend planning carefully if you want to come in September, as this is prime hurricane season. For trips in September, watch the weather, and purchase trip insurance just in case, you never know when things can take a quick turn.

Catches to expect


If hot weather is not your thing, a visit during the winter months might be perfect for you, but we must warn you that the winds in Baja California Sur can be cantankerous at this time of year. The region around El Gallo is known as World Class for wind surfing and kiting, because of the consistent gale. Fishing can be tricky, but on a still day, there is good fly fishing to be had. You’ll want to be flexible in your travel plans, and prepared to take up alternative activities if you’re coming to escape the winter blues. Our retreat is always welcoming at any time of year, but be sure you bring a tight fitting hat!