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The mysteries of fly fishing for roosterfish on the beach

How To Tie The E.P. Roosterfish Mullet Fly.

Imagine yourself on the course sand of a Baja beach, racing towards the water which is exploding with the excitement of roosterfish smashing baitfish near the surface of the water that is only 3 feet in depth, but craters off to a depth of hundreds of feet in short order. You can count the rays of a comb protruding from the delicate surface of the Sea of Cortez. You can count the stripes in its pearl and black body. You can see the ultra-white opening of its mouth as it gulps bait in a flash which also somehow happens in slow-motion. Imagine the gratification of making the perfect cast, with the perfectly tied fly that fools this sea beast!
This blog post will focus on tying the E.P. Roosterfish Mullet Fly in Bahia de los Suenos, Mexico while fly fishing for roosterfish.

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