Flies And Tackle, What You Need

Got Flies?

You know we do! From buying the latest toys to try, to tying our own, we’re fly fishers too! If you’re packing your own, select from Sardine patterns around the 1/0 to 3/0 size. If you’re after big Roosters, mullet flies work well. Keep the Ballyhoo in mind as well, as we see big catches on them regularly. 

If you want to tie your own, but would like specific recommendations for local conditions and fish, check out our blog for tutorials on how you can create your own, or just make a request and we’ll have it ready for you when you get here!

Selecting the Right Tackle..

We suggest fly rods ranging from 8 weight to 12. The 8s are great for versatility, agility, but capable enough to take on some of the larger fish. If nothing but monsters will make you happy, go big, or you may go home disappointed. Whatever your choice, fast action rods are best, and be sure to select a reel with enough stopping power to hold a Greyhound bus!

For beach fishing, be sure you have a quarter mile of backing, and tie your end knot carefully. Even then, there are times when  there’s just no stopping a Grande Rooster. We suggest 20 to 30 pound test fluorocarbon for leaders and tippet, and we think you’ll prefer an intermittent sinking fly line.

If you find that you haven’t brought the right tackle, or, you have a problem with the gear you brought, the team at El Gallo will not let that ruin your trip. We’re happy to help you with your gear, or, we’ll provide you with a great rental rig to make sure you’ve got the best chances at a fly fishing vacation of a lifetime.