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The Bad Ass Roosterfish Fly: How To Tie The Get Some Gummy

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA
Smal to medium roosterfish on the fly at El Gallo FLy FIshing Lodge

The Bad Ass Roosterfish Fly: How To Tie The Get Some Gummy Fly.

Are you dreaming about fly fishing for roosterfish in the beautiful waters of Baja California? You’re in luck! This post will give you all the basics on how to tie the “Get Some Gummy” fly specifically designed to target roosterfish, and tips and tricks to up your fly fishing game. So grab a cold one, take a seat and let’s dive right into fly fishing for roosterfish with the “Get Some Gummy.”


The purpose of fly fishing for roosterfish is to target these large, aggressive fish found in Baja California and other parts of the Pacific Ocean. Roosterfish have become a popular game fish due to their size and fighting ability. Fly-fishing can be an effective way to catch roosterfish, and the “Get Some Gummy” fly is specifically designed to do just that.

Fly Fishing with El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge for roosterfish in Baja California Mexico.


1).  Size 2/0-4/0 medium shank saltwater hooks.

2).  White large size thread.

3). Fiber Fish Scale-a-tons

4). .030 Lead wire.

5). Blane Chocklett’s Sili Skins, pearl, silver, and clear.

6). 4mm eyes

7). One 8″ piece of mylar pearl flash.

8). Super Glue

9). Black sharpie, blue sharpie.

El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge, Muertos Bay, Baja California Sur Mexico

How to:

1). Start by threading your hook with white thread.

2). Wrap the lead wire around the shank of the hook and secure it with tight wraps of thread. This will give the fly its weight and help keep the bait on the correct plain.

3). Tie in one pre-cut piece of Fiber Fish Scale-a-tons for strength, and aesthetics, using several wraps to keep them in place. The length should be about 3 times the shank length.

4). Cut two small pieces of Sili Skin (one small thin silver, one thicker pearl, and one thick clear), each wider than the last and wrap them over top of the Fiber.   After the silver layer, attach they eyes. Put a Black sharpie spot behind the eye, and a blue slash in front of the eyes.  The last layer is the clear, then trim the rest.

5). Wrap the front with thread, pull off the excess, whip finish and trim.

6). Use super glue on all of the cut pieces of silicone, this both protects the surface from sticking to everything in your box, and holds the pieces together in the saltwater.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA


Fly fishing for roosterfish can be a rewarding experience, but it is important to know the techniques and fly patterns needed to get the job done. The “Get Some Gummy” is designed specifically for fly-fishing roosterfish, and with a few simple steps you’ll have your own fly ready to go. With this fly in hand, some basic fly-fishing knowledge, and these tips for targeting roosterfish you should be on your way to taking home an impressive memory from Baja California!  Good luck! 

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