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How to tie a Brush Baitfish fly for Roosterfish

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Want to catch more fish?

Of corse you do, we all do!  This is a recipe for a great fly for roosterfish and more!  In fact, anything that eats other fish will pound this fly harder than woodpecker lips!

When you need a simple, easy to tie baitfish pattern for roosterfish,

the brush baitfish might be a good option.  This blog post will be about fly fishing for roosterfish in Baja California. We’ll go over the basics of fly fishing, tips for targeting roosterfish and some advice on how to tie a craft fur brush baitfish fly for roosterfish.  This is a very effective roosterfish fly.

Are you dreaming about fly fishing for roosterfish in the beautiful waters of Baja California? You’re in luck! This post will give you all the basics on how to tie the “Get Some Gummy” fly specifically designed to target roosterfish, and tips and tricks to up your fly fishing game. So grab a cold one, take a seat and let’s dive right into fly fishing for roosterfish with a brush baitfish fly.

Blog Outline:

1. Purpose

2. Recipe

3. How to tie the Brush Baitfish fly

4. Tips for fly fishing roosterfish

Roosterfish on the fly

The purpose of fly fishing for roosterfish is to target these large, aggressive fish found in Baja California’s Sea of Cortez, and other parts of the Pacific Ocean. Roosterfish have become a popular game fish due to their speed,  intelligence, size, and fighting ability. Fly-fishing can be an effective way to catch roosterfish, and a brush baitfish fly is specifically designed to do just that!

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA

Level of tier, Beginner.

Outline Item 2: Recipe

1).  Size 2/0-4/0 medium shank saltwater hooks.

2).  White large size thread.

3). White Craft fur, (long).

4). Golden olive Craft Fur, (long).

5). Olive Craft fur, (long).

6). 4mm eyes

7). One 8″ piece of mylar pearl flash.

8). Super Glue

9). Black sharpie, blue sharpie.

  1. U.V. Clear glue.

Outline Item 3: How to tie the fly

1). Start by threading a base on your hook with white thread.

2). Make a long tail with White Craft fur, and secure past the bend of the hook.

3). Tie in your EP Fiber brush, and palmer forward, brushing the material for every turn.  Stop your brush just short of the eye of the hook, secure, and pinch the wire close to the shank of the hook, (so you don’t cut the thread with the sharp wire).

5). Tie in the top a tuft of golden olive craft fur..

6). Tie in the mylar.

  1. Tie in the olive craft fur.
  2. Super glue the eyes on.
  3. UV glue, or silicone over the eyes to secure.
El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA

Fly fishing for roosterfish is a thrilling experience, but it is important to know the techniques and fly patterns needed to get the job done. The brush baitfish is designed specifically for fly-fishing roosterfish, and with a few simple steps you’ll have your own fly ready to go. With this fly in hand, some basic fly-fishing knowledge, and these tips for targeting roosterfish you should be on your way to taking home an impressive memory from Baja California!  Good luck! 

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