Our adventures.

Our Habitat.

Amazing fisheries nearby.

Most of your fishing time will be spent less than a quarter mile from shore in the Sea of Cortez. The diversity and range of available species and the individual specimens are incredible. It’s why I chose the La Paz region for El Gallo’s base of operations. The natural beaty of this place has haunted me from my first visit. The amazing blue water and incredible sport fishing are why I kept coming back and wanted to share it with as many anglers as I could.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA
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The local Habitat.

On a visit to El Gallo flyfishing lodge, expect variety. Your captain will be weighing anchor along reefs, and beach fronts where The Sierra de la Laguna mountain range seems to plunge straight into the Sea of Cortez. We enjoy an immense amount of marine biodiversity, with everything from Bump Head Parrotfish to the King of the Sea of Cortez himself, the mighty Roosterfish!

The dramatic desert landscape

If you’ve ever spent any time in a desert region, then you know they are surprising places, teeming with life in a seeming wasteland. Here, the landbound wildlife are small, due to restricted water and resources. Unlike the lush jungles of the Yucatan, you won’t see much greenery here. Desert flora tends toward more muted colors, with some bright blooms from time to time, and during the rainy season, which runs from September to December, the plant life around the lodge is lush. As for the ocean view, it is unparalleled, taking on the appearance of the Caribbean, more than other parts of Mexico.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA fly fishing

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