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Boats, Equipment, and Captains.

Our Boats and Captains

Among those in the know, the Panga marine fishing boat has an unparalleled reputation as a dynamic vessel. They provide the best possible platform for fly fishing adventures. From getting in close in shallow water, even beaching when necessary, to riding out the bigger swells with confidence, we know you’ll love their versatility and suitability to the job at hand. 

Our captains were born to these waters, and operate the Panga like an extension of themselves. You may find their expertise as seamen is your strongest asset in catching Roosterfish on the fly, and trust me on this, they’re as excited about you catching and experiencing all of the amazing species in our region as you are. The captains at El Gallo enjoy international renown for their expertise.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA
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Somebody say they needed gear?

Travel is unpredictable and sometimes things happen. Whether you’ve lost your checked bag, or your gear is having problems, we have you covered. El Gallo keeps a well maintained stock of professional gear. We’re always working to establish relationships with the best gear makers in the business, so, look forward to seeing new, innovative ideas in our gear locker from time to time. 

Our guides know fishing rods, and ours are serviced daily. Don’t expect to be sorely disappointed by antique, broken-down gear. Our goal is to minimize “the one that got away” stories and maximize brag posts on Instagram. We make sure that all of the El Gallo gear can take the beating these fish dish out. If you choose to, you can even leave your gear at home. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll have it rigged before your arrival.

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