El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge
Giant mouth on that roosterfish caught on the fly!

The Bar For The Modern Fly FIshing Lodge Has Been Raised

You spoke, we listened.  Good fly fishing is not good enough for successful fly fishing lodges now.  The new norm for the best lodges are the best fly fishing, luxurious, private accommodations, wonderful food, and an experience past “just fishing.”  A place that one would be excited to bring a non-angling companion.  A place where nobody has to say “Welcome home,” because you already feel as though you are there.  All of the above is where El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge excels. 

If it is your groove to be in a huge group, or if you desire night-life, we are not the perfect place for you.  If it is a peaceful, quiet, exclusive place to unwind, reset, and connect with nature, then we would like to welcome you to the best place that you could be.

No Nichol And Diming

Absolutely no baiting and switching, (beyond the fly fishing fishing).  You will not have to pay the drivers to and from the Airport, if you want to use our equipment, you will not have to rent it, the bait is on us, and if you want to have a cerveza with dinner, we are not going to run a tab.  All of these things add up to a more personalized, less stressful experience.

El Gallo Fly Fishing: Catching Roosterfish in Baja, CA
Fly Fishing
Doug B. Fly Fishing Mecca

This trip was better than the last! I would recommend to anyone!

Kelli S. The best Food!

Javier is an excellent Host, and such great food! I cannot wait to get back there!

Jim M. Great Guides!

I tie my own flies, but had nothing close to what it would take to catch fish. I was pleasantly surprised to have Juan provide them for me. He didn't even charge more for them!

Zach M. The Most Unique Place

This place is such at treat, feels like home, but Luxurious, private, and secure.

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